Yamunanagar – The staff made by the Superintendent of Police to nab the fugitive criminals did a better job – Spokesperson


Police spokesperson Chamkaur Singh said that Superintendent of Police Kamaldeep Goyal held a meeting with the PO staff in the office of the Superintendent of Police today. During this time the report was taken from the staff.

He said that the Superintendent of Police had made a staff of employees in every police station to nab the fugitive criminals. In the month of January, that staff caught eight fugitive criminals of the police. In this, Sector-17 police arrested Naval Kishore, Chiranjilal, Sadar Jagadhri police Taswar, CIA One Sunny alias Meat, Mahila police station staff arrested Rajnish Kumar and two others

Apart from this, the ANC staff caught Karnail Singh and handed him over to the airport staff in the 20 year old case of Airport Delhi. At the same time, in the month of January itself, the PO staff of the police controlled the fugitives of 22 courts.

During this, The Superintendent of Police honored the policemen who did good work by giving them letters of appreciation and cash. He said that the police teams are working to nab those who fled after committing the crime. So that while absconding, the criminal cannot commit any other crime. This campaign will continue in future also