YAMUNANAGAR – On the lines of Indore, Twincity is to be made Sunder – Municipal Corporation Mayor


Mayor and Commissioner left with Sanitation Committee to know the secret of cleanliness of Indore

Knowing from Indore Municipal Commissioner and other officers the working of the cleaning system

Knowing the working of Indore, it will be implemented in Twincity – Mayor
Yamunanagar. Indore is consistently coming at number one position in the Swachh Survekshan. Like Indore, your city should also be beautiful, clean and clean. Therefore, on Tuesday, the Municipal Corporation Mayor Madan Chauhan, Commissioner Ajay Singh Tomar, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Sharma, along with the members of the Sanitation Committee and other top officials of the Corporation left on a four-day tour to know the working there. The mayor, municipal commissioner and others, who reached Indore via airplane, were welcomed by the administrative officers and the people of the city by wearing garlands of flowers. After this, he discussed with Indore Corporation Commissioner Pratibha Pal and officials about the functioning there.
On the lines of Indore, Twincity has to be made beautiful-

Mayor Madan Chauhan said that Indore city is the most beautiful and clean city of the country. Every time comes number one in the Swachh Survekshan. What is the functioning of the Municipal Corporation, Indore in making Indore the cleanest and most beautiful. To know this, he has come to Indore on a four-day tour. So that by implementing the methodology here in your city, you can make your city as clean and beautiful as Indore. A meeting was held with Municipal Commissioner Indore Pratibha Pal and other administration officials regarding this. In which Indore Corporation Commissioner Pratibha Pal told that we have installed CNG autos and e-rickshaws for garbage collection. Apart from this, more amount of waste is generated from the hotels, restaurants, hospitals and marriage palaces. They solve it themselves. He told that after 2018 we have changed our infrastructure. The form of the vehicles which were there earlier has changed. There are partitions for dry and wet waste. Apart from this, there is regular cleaning. People are conscious about cleanliness. Dustbins are provided at all places. People do not throw garbage in the open. They only use dustbins to throw garbage. Garbage is also cleaned daily from dustbins. Apart from this, Indore Municipal Commissioner Pratibha Pal told him many other things which contributed significantly in keeping the city clean. Mayor Madan Chauhan and Municipal Commissioner Ajay Singh Tomar told that Indore tour is of four days. During this, participation in waste disposal plant and other activities will be done in Indore. Corporation Commissioner Ajay Singh Tomar, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Sharma, Deputy Mayor Rani Kalda, Deputy Corporation Commissioner Ashok Kumar, Deputy Corporation Commissioner Vinod Nehra, Account Officer Vishal Kaushik, Chief Sanitation Inspector Harjit Singh, Anil Nain along with Mayor Madan Chauhan on Indore tour Surendra Chopra, Sanitation Committee member and councilor?Abhishek Modgil, Savita Kamboj, Sanket Prakash etc. were present.

18 Yamunanagar – Mayor and Municipal Commissioner interacting with the officials there regarding the cleanliness system in Indore