YAMUNANAGAR – Even after thousands of cut urea is deposited in the godowns, the dealers are showing cheating on the farmers


In spite of having thousands of cut urea in the godowns, the farmers are shown defaming.
Yamunanagar 21 January. People are constantly facing the shortage of urea fertilizer, while the controversy over urea by the shopkeeper forcibly imposed sulphur got so hot that apart from the farmer leaders, the officials reached the spot and pacified the matter.

Farmer leader Mandeep Road, Chappar told that today there is a shop near Jodiyon Naka, on which urea had come to this warehouse for a long time, till today this shopkeeper has not given any urea to the farmers when the shutter of this shop at 7:00 am. When the farmer went to get urea, the farmer said that he will get urea but you have to take sulphurWhen the farmer said that I do not want sulfur, I have dropped sulfur in the fields twice, where will I fall now? So the shopkeeper said that urea would not be available and after saying so much, the shopkeeper closed the shutter of his shop, on which the farmer had called on the Indian Farmers Union Chaduni director Mandeep Road thatch, after which other farmer leaders also reached the spot and after that all The farmers went together but he was not at the shop whenThe farmers again reached the spot and called, then the shopkeeper came and kept saying the same thing that if sulfur is to be taken, then urea will be available. Said asked to open the shutter,

then the shopkeeper absolutely refusedI will not open the shutter at any cost, then the farmers got angry there, the SHO DSP reached the spot and got the shutter of the warehouse opened. Around 1000 bags of urea were found on the spot