Radaur – Villagers of Palaka submitted memorandum to SDM regarding sewerage problem


Regarding the problem of sewerage in village Palaka, the villagers have submitted a memorandum to the SDM and demanded that the sewerage problem be resolved soon. In the memorandum submitted to the SDM, Pal Singh, Jarnail Singh, Tejpal, Kundan, Dharambir, Ajay Kumar, Rupesh Kamboj etc., residents of village Palaka, told that sewerage line was laid for the drainage of dirty water in village Palaka.

Sewerage is littered with dirt due to lack of cleanliness. Due to which the water is not draining. At the same time, the work of laying sewerage is also incomplete. Dirty water from sewerage remains standing in the streets.

Due to which the risk of diseases due to the breeding of mosquitoes and flies has increased. At the same time, due to the sewage water standing near the houses of the villagers, the houses have started cracking. Due to which the villagers have become at risk of house collapse. The villagers complained about this several times to the officials of the department. But the problem was not resolved.

He demanded from the SDM that the sewerage problem should be resolved by giving strict orders to the officers of the department at the earliest