Radaur – Two bike riders injured due to car collision in Chhotabans


Two youths were seriously injured in a collision between a car and a bike in Chhotabans on Wednesday afternoon. Those who were admitted to Government Hospital Radaur for treatment. While in the accident, the car went out of control and rammed into the wall of Nagar Kheda located on the roadside. Due to which the car was badly damaged and the wall and gate of the kheda were broken.

While 5 youths of Kaithal who were in the car were partially injured. The car occupants were saved from being a victim of a horrific accident due to the opening of the car’s balloon at the time of the accident. According to the information, Raman and Mohit, residents of village Kunjal Jatan, were going to their village Kunjal Jatan from Radaur on a bike in the afternoon. Then his bike collided with a Swift DZire car coming from the front near Bakana turn in Chhotabas on SK Road. Due to which both the youths were seriously injured. Those who were taken to the nearby government hospital for treatment. At the same time, Harshvardhan resident Rajound, Lucky Rana resident of Amupur, Karnal, Sahil Rana and Ankit Rana were also partially injured in the car