RADAUR – There is an atmosphere of happiness in the ancestral village Madhubans on the selection of Professor Om Prakash Gandhi for the Padma Shri award


Radaur, Jan 27 : The people of Madhubans, his ancestral village, rejoiced when Professor Om Prakash Gandhi, dedicated to the cause of women’s education, was selected for the Padma Shri award. As soon as the people of the village got this information that the resident of their village, Prof.

Omprakash Gandhi is being honored with the Padma Shri award by the government for his remarkable contribution in the field of social service. The people of the village are celebrating by distributing laddus that their village’s Prof. Omprakash Gandhi is going to get the Padma Shri award.

He was born on 1 February 1942 in Madhobans village of Radaur Khand in the house of father Ranjit Singh and mother Kamala Devi. After which he worked as a lecturer for about 20 years in Agriculture College, Rampur Maniharan, Uttar Pradesh. After which in 1985 he resigned from his post and established Gurjar Kanya Gurukul in 12 acres in Deodhar.

His brother retired teacher Jagpal Singh Numberdar lives in village Madhubans. The former sarpanch of the village, Mainpal, said that it is a matter of great pride for his village, region and district that Prof.

Omprakash Gandhi is being honored with a big award like Padma Shri. He is the first person in the region who is being honored by the government with such a huge honour. Soon the people of the village will honor him by inviting him to the village. He told that Prof. Omprakash Gandhi has been living outside the village for almost 40 years. Despite this, he has been involved in the happiness and misery of everyone in the village and the region.

At the time when the village panchayat did not have income, even at that time he had arranged funds for the development of the village from here and there. Due to which streets and drains were made in the village. She always strongly opposed social evils and emphasized on women’s education. On the other hand, the principal of Mukandlal School, Radaur, Balkrishna told that Prof.

Omprakash Gandhi passed his matriculation from Mukand Lal School, Radaur in 1958. It is a matter of great pride for him that a student of his school has been selected for the Padma Shri award. Passed B.Sc examination from Agra University. He passed MSc Physics from Meerut University