RADAUR – Saharanpur Kurukshetra Road was built for the passers-by, the negligence of the administration and the government is taking a toll on the beauty of the city


Saharanpur Kurukshetra road was built for the passers-by,


The negligence of the administration and the government is affecting the beauty of the city – Amit Kamboj

Radaur, 9 January (Lajpat Rai). During rainy days in Radaur, the plight of Saharanpur Kurukshetra road is so heavy on the passers-by that due to overturning of the vehicles in the potholes formed by the accumulation of rain water on the road, where people become victims of accidents, other passers-by have to face trouble due to overturning of the vehicle. But the local administration and PWDThe department does not pay any attention to this problem of this road.But as soon as it rains, vehicles often overturn due to potholes in the road between Bubka Chowk and Bus Stand. If one vehicle is straightened, then the other vehicle overturns. And on Sunday also at the same place, a sugarcane trolley overturned in the morning, but when the road was started after loading it in another trolley, after some time, the second trolley of sugarcane overturned in the pit at some distance. After which the roadway got blocked. And after hours of hard work of tractor trolley owner farmer Omprakash, resident of village Sangipur, with the help of laborers, the sugarcane overturned trolley was loaded into another trolley. Till then there has been movement of vehicles from one side only.

The condition of the road from Triveni Chowk to Bus Stand is pathetic

Farmer Omprakash told that the condition of this road from Triveni Chowk to Busstand is pathetic. . A car coming out of the side from the overturning trolley also narrowly survived being damaged. He said that the administration is not paying any attention towards this path. And during the rainy season, one after the other vehicles keep turning on this route. But no official employee of the administration was visible.

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The bad condition of the road is affecting the beauty of the city – Amit Kamboj

At the same time, Amit Kamboj, head of Udyog Vyapar Mandal, Radaur, said that even though this road connects two states, its condition is worse than rural roads, so it is not free from danger to pass through this route during rainy days. At the same time, the bad condition of the road is also affecting the beauty of the city.

He said that whenever it rains, the road breaks down, due to the lack of drainage of water from this road, water remains stagnant on the road. Many times the demand for drainage of this route has been made from the administration, but the administration has nothing except Larabaji, he said that people from 30 to 35 villages reach the bus stand and block development office through this route, who have to face a lot of trouble. They are again demanding from the administration that this route should be takenTo be repaired with water drainage.09 Radaur – During the rainy season, laborers and Principal Industries Trade Board, Radaur, Amit Kamboj filling the sugarcane trolley overturned on the Saharanpur Kurukshetra road