RADAUR – Pictures of youths firing captured in CCTV


Two youths escaped by firing in the air at the main gate of the government college, police engaged in investigation

Pictures of youths firing captured in CCTV 


Radaur, 28 December. Two unidentified youths fired four rounds in the college premises on Tuesday morning, allegedly in connection with the student union elections in Government College, Radauri. The time when unknown youths carried out the incident of firing in the college campus, So at that time classes were going on in the college. Due to the sudden firing in the college, panic spread among the students. After carrying out the firing incident, the youths who came in the XUV-500 Mahindra vehicle fled towards Radaur. After which the matter was informed by the college administration at number 112 in Radaur police and control room. After getting the information, the number 112 of the police reached the spot. But by then the youths who carried out the firing incident had fled from the spot. A shell of bullet was left lying on the spot. Which was later recovered by the police from the spot. At the same time, the police searched the youths in the surrounding area. But there was no trace of the youths who carried out the firing incident. The police tried to identify the unidentified youths on the basis of the footage of the CCTV cameras installed in the college premises. In the preliminary investigation, the police found that the youths who carried out the firing incident were from the village of Alahar. are going. After which the police went to the village Alahar and raided the houses of the above people. But till now the youth who carried out the incident have not been caught by the police. On the complaint of the Vice Principal of the college, Sanjeev Gandhi, the police have registered a case against unknown youths under various sections. On the other hand, after the incident, police personnel were deployed throughout the day by the administration for the security of the college.

Sahil, a security employee of Government College Radauri, said that he was on duty at around 10 am on Tuesday. Meanwhile, at 10.12 pm, some youths came and stopped at the college gate from Radaur’s side in the car. During this, 2 youths got down from the car and entered the college gate. A young man had two hose guns in his hand. The other man had a pistol in his hand. During this, youths did 2 rounds of fire in the college campus. While 2 rounds were done outside the fire gate. After which the unknown youth escaped in the direction of Radaur sitting in the car. He informed the matter to the staff members of the college. Police was informed by the college. After which the police station Radaur in-charge Inspector Raghubir Singh, Sub Inspector Pawan Kamboj, SA Ramesh Kumar and other police personnel reached the spot. Police recovered a bullet shell from the college premises from the spot. In this regard, Inspector Raghubir Singh, in-charge of Radaur police station said that the youths opened fire in the college at 10.12 am. They got information about the incident from the control room at 10:45. Police’s number 112 vehicle reached the spot at 10.49 am. Police have recovered a shell from the spot. The police have registered a case and started the search for the accused. Soon the accused will be arrested.

The incidence of crime in the college is increasing

Classes were started in Government College Radauri about 4 years back. Since then there have been many clashes between the students in the college. After which the police also registered many cases. But for the first time on Tuesday, due to a mutual dispute between the groups of the student union, the incident of firing took place in the college premises. Whereas a few months ago some people kidnapped a girl student from a car near the government college. Then the Radaur police had freed the girl student from the kidnappers the next day. Apart from this, many times in the college, the mutual dispute of the students has turned into a quarrel.

28 Radaur – A young man caught in CCTV firing in the government college of Radaur.

28 Radaur – Police personnel posted at the college gate after the firing incident in Radaur’s government college.