Radaur : More than a dozen people injured in the bloody clash between two sides in Nagal village


In the bloody clash between the two sides in village Nagal on Monday morning, more than a dozen people from both the sides were injured due to sticks, sticks, bricks and stones from both the sides. The injured were admitted to the hospital. As soon as the information was received, Superintendent of Police Kamaldeep Goyal, DSP Rajat Gulia and DSP Pramod Kumar reached the village along with the police force and handled the situation. On the complaint of both the parties, the police is engaged in taking action in the matter

According to the information received, Kanha ji was being awakened at the place of Narendra Dhiman last night in Nagal village. At the same time, the marriage ceremony of Momin and the girl of Samim of another community was going on. The girl’s doli was gone and the DJ was being played there. Around 11 o’clock in the night, Kamaldin and his brother reached the place of waiting Jagran and were adamant on getting it closed. Meanwhile, Narendra Dhiman informed the police. As soon as the information was received, Jathlana station in-charge reached the spot and pacified both the parties after explaining them.

But at the end of Jagran in the early hours of Monday, while Aarti was walking, Pratiksha along with her companions reached there again. On which the controversy escalated. Due to this dispute, bricks, stones, sticks and sticks started running fiercely between the two sides. About a dozen people from both sides were injured. The injured were admitted to the hospital. Dilshad and Awwal Hassan of one side told that preparations were going on for Samim’s boy’s wedding procession on Monday morning. Meanwhile, people from the other side attacked.

The accused also vandalized the goods on the spot. He told that Zulfan, Shamshad, Rafiq, Rashid, Sadiq, Arif, Tabassum and Tannu of his side were injured. At the same time, ten people including Neeraj, Bhup Singh, Shakti, Deepak and Narendra of the other side were injured. The injured from both the sides were admitted to the hospital. Superintendent of Police Kamaldeep Goyal assured both the parties to maintain peace and take appropriate action in the matter

A meeting of people of both the communities was organized under the leadership of DSP Radaur Rajat Gulia in Jathlana police station regarding the matter. In the meeting, DSP Rajat Gulia had formed a Peace Committee for the people of both the communities to keep peace in the village. On which both the parties had agreed to form a Peace Committee soon. After which there was peace in the village for about three and a half months. Now after months, there is an atmosphere of tension in the village again due to a big dispute between the two sides in the village.

In this regard, DSP Radaur Rajat Gulia said that the police is taking action regarding the matter. The injured have been rushed to the hospital. Legal action will be taken as per rules. Both sides of the village have been appealed to maintain peace. No one will be allowed to take the law into their own hands. Police force was deployed in the village to maintain peace.

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