Radaur – Delegation of Revolution Martyr Memorial met with the Minister of Power, kept this demand


A delegation of Inquilab Martyrs Memorial Gumthala Rao met Power and Jail Minister Ranjit Singh demanding constitutionally to give martyr status to the brave martyrs. On this occasion, under the leadership of the founder of the temple, Advocate Waryam Singh, the members submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Power. Advocate Waryam Singh, founder of Inquilab Martyrs Memorial, said that even after 75 years of independent India, the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives selflessly for the freedom of the country, did not get constitutional martyr status. . The team of Inquilab Mandir is making continuous efforts to give constitutional martyr status to the brave martyrs. On this occasion, Advocate Siddharth Singh, Manish Bataur, Laxman Das, Ramkesh Petwar, Sher Singh Malik, Advocate Sarvjit Singh, Hardeep Singh Baldi, Advocate Karambir Singh etc. were present