Radaur – Birth anniversary of Rehbare Hind Sir Chhotu Ram celebrated with great pomp by Jat Sabha


Jatsabha Radaur celebrated the birth anniversary of Rehbare Hind Deen Bandhu Sir Chhotu Ram with great pomp in Jat Nagar Radaur on Saturday. On this occasion, under the leadership of Principal Advocate Suresh Pal Banchal, Jatsabha Radaur, the local people paid their tributes by laying flower garlands on the portrait of Sir Chhotu Ram. On this occasion the local people took an oath to root out social evils. On this occasion Pradhan Sureshpal Banchal said that Sir Chhotu Ram was the true messiah of the farmers. He liberated the peasants from the life of slavery. Due to the struggle of Sir Chhotu Ram, today the farmer has become happy. If he had not got the farmers out of debt, today the farmers’ land would have been with the moneylenders. He fought for the farmers. We should work in the interest of the society by following the path shown by him. Taking inspiration from his life, we should adopt the path of struggle. His teachings are acting as a source of inspiration for all.On this occasion Principal Advocate Suresh Pal Banchal, Pradeep Khurdban, Mangeram Kandrauli, Captain Manish Chaudhary, Sanju Sangwan, Jaswinder Singh Banchal, Kuldeep Numberdar Chhotabas, Pradeep Deshwal, Neeraj Deshwal, Balwan Sadhura, Malkhan Singh Grewal, Sandeep Saini, Manjit Singh Pangeta, Sukhbir Singh Sukha etc. were present

Sir Chhotu Ram’s birth anniversary celebrated in village Gundayana

The birth anniversary of the farmers’ messiah Sir Chhotu Ram was celebrated by the Bharatiya Kisan Union. Under the leadership of BKU state coordinator Baburam Gundayana and district head Sanju Gundayana, the farmers paid their respects to Sir Chhotu Ram. On this occasion, Baburam Gundayana said that Sir Chhotu Ram fought for the welfare of the farmers throughout his life. When the farmer was living the life of slavery, Sir Chhotu Ram fought a long struggle to get the farmers of 36 fraternities out of the life of slavery. He made the farmers the masters of their land by getting them out of the clutches of moneylenders. The farmer was trapped in the web of moneylenders. At such a time, apart from fighting for the independence of Mother India, Sir Chhotu Ram also fought for the farmers. After which the farmer got out of the debt of the moneylenders. Sanju Gundayana, Ram Singh Jathedar, Vikram Singh Topra, Sandeep Topra, Mandeep Road Chappar, Sanju Sangwan etc. were present on this occasion