Radaur – Annual festival of STI Infotech Institute Radaur organized


In the annual program organized by STI Infotech Institute Radaur,

children who gave better performance were honored with achievements of the year in the annual program.

Following the inspiration of Revered Guru Sant Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insa, ration kit was given to the needy.


RADAUR. The annual colorful program of STI Infotech Institute Radaur was organized at Safal Palace on Sunday. On this occasion, Jaspal Saini, MD of the institute inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp. In the annual program, the children of the institute tied the knot by organizing a colorful program. During this, the UK Study Vijaya of a student was also handed over. And following the inspiration of revered Guru Sant Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insa, helped a needy woman by giving her a ration kit.

Children giving their presentation during the program spread the annual achievements of the STI Institute through the program-

On this occasion, the MD of the institute, Jaspal Saini told that today the annual program of the institute has been organized in which the children of the institute participated enthusiastically and organized entertainment programs for the parents and dignitaries of the children present in the program. And the achievements made by the institute throughout the year and the children whose studies have been victorious throughout the year were introduced to the parents of the children during the program. He told that the children of the institute who participate in the competitions held at the district and state level. And the children who bring better places in these competitions, all those children are encouraged by honoring them in the annual program, the same institute’s MD Jaspal Saini told that he followed the inspiration of his revered Guru Sant Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insa. During the program, a needy woman was helped by giving one month’s ration kit.

In modern times, children can learn computer and achieve success in many fields – Director

On this occasion, the director of the institute, Tamannaah Saini said that the institute is often ready to prepare the future of young men and women, in modern times, children can achieve success in many areas of computer learning. And you can make your future. During the program, small children showed their talent through poetry and songs and the audience felicitated their talent with applause. Varun the magician captivated the audience with his magic. On this occasion, Santosh Devi, Dhanpat Saini, Councilor Ravindra Saini, Virendra Kumar, Mukesh Makki, Dr Rajiv Saini, Mahindra Chanana, Hitesh Sharma, Nirmal Saini, Yespal Saini, Satish Kumar, Sandeep Saini, Rajat Insa, Kamal Kumar, Spiritual Pari, Khushpreet, Arun Saini, Akansha, Kadam, Parul, Kamlesh, Rani, Navya, Muskaan, Akanksha, Kajal, Anjali, Anmol, Heena, Anju, Sonia, Bhavna, Kanchan etc.

02 Radaur – MD Jaspal Saini of the institute giving a UK study to a child during the program, dignitaries present in the program, children giving their presentation during the program and MD Jaspal Saini giving ration kits to a needy family and others.