Radaur – Accidents not stopping on SK road, car badly damaged due to truck collision, narrowly escaped


On Wednesday evening at Triveni Chowk, a truck driver driving at high speed and negligently hit the car. The car was badly damaged in the collision.

Fortunately, the driver of the car, Jai Bhagwan resident of Uttar Pradesh, narrowly escaped. On receiving the information, Radaur police reached the spot and investigated the matter. The driver of the car, Jai Bhagwan told that he was going to Kurukshetra for some work.

Then a truck driver driving at high speed and recklessly hit his car near Triveni Chowk. His car was badly damaged due to the collision

The meeting of the arhtiyas was held regarding the executive committee of the grain market, the agreement could not be reached regarding the post

Discussions were held in the Anaj Mandi Radaur on Tuesday regarding the elections to the Executive Committee of the Mandi. More than 50 arhtiyas of Mandi participated in the meeting. In the meeting, about one hour was discussed in the meeting regarding the head post of Mandi.

But the consensus for the post of head could not be reached in the meeting. After which a meeting has been called again in the Mandi premises at 11 am on Wednesday regarding the elections of the Executive. The present President Sanjay Gupta and his supporters did not participate in the meeting. Sanjay Gupta, the head of the second group of Mandi, told that a meeting of the arhtiyas of the Mandi has been called on Saturday 19 March at 11 am in the Mandi premises regarding the elections to the Mandi. In which elections will be discussed and consent will be given for the post of President.

It is noteworthy that two years ago, Sanjay Gupta was elected as the head of Mandi with just one vote. This time too, due to the ongoing politics between the two factions in Mandi, there is no consensus on the position of the head.

Due to which this time too there seems to be a close contest between the two factions for the post of head. However, senior members of the Mandi Association are in support of the appointment of Mandi Pradhan by consensus.

But till now this is not possible due to Mandi politics. The current head Sanjay Gupta told that before March 31, the executive committee of the mandi will be formed by consensus or election