Punjab Election 2022: Will the polling date change in Punjab?


LIVE Punjab Election 2022: Will Punjab not vote on February 14 2022

Will the Election Commission accept the demand to extend the date of polling?

The veil can be removed from these questions today. The Election Commission is going to hold an important meeting, in which this demand of Congress, BJP and Aam Aadmi Party will be considered. letter

All the parties say that due to Guru Ravidas Jayanti being on February 16, the date of voting should be extended. First of all Chief Minister Charandas Channi had written a letter to the Election Commission in this regard. After this BJP and Aam Aadmi Party also made the same demand.

Chief Minister Channi wrote in his letter Representatives of the Scheduled Caste community which comprises 32 per cent of the population of Punjab have told them that the people of the community will be visiting Banaras in Uttar Pradesh from February 10 to 16 and therefore not able to vote.” Maybe. February 16 is the birth anniversary of Guru Ravidas.

In such a situation – many people from this community will not be able to vote for the state assembly which is their constitutional right Channi said in the letter dated January 13. Channi has requested that the date of polling may be extended in such a way that he can go to Banaras from February 10 to February 16 and also participate in the assembly elections