Google Doodle Today: the threat of corona is not over


The threat of covid-19 infection continues even today across the world. In the last few days many countries including India have reported a spurt in cases. In such a situation today Google has come up with a message through its doodle, in which people are being asked to get vaccinated and wear masks to avoid them.

All the letters in today’s animated Google Doodle are seen wearing masks and celebrating after getting the Kovid-19 vaccine. It is written on the Google Doodle page – Get vaccinated wear a mask and save life.

If you click on Google Doodle on the home page of google, then the information given here will help you in searching the vaccination center. It also brings you the latest data related to vaccines administered in India.

The number of corona infected people is increasing in the country. To help people find their local vaccine sites and make it easier for them to get the corona vaccine, Google has created this special doodle. In the end let us tell you that in India, children of the age of 15 and above are being given the COVID-19 vaccine