CHANDIGARH – The Chief Minister did a direct dialogue with the youth, said the important role of Khaps in bringing social consciousness


Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal said that if the youth get the right direction and guidance and if their energy is utilized properly, it will prove to be effective in the all-round development of the nation. For this, it is also necessary for them to follow a competent guide.

The Chief Minister was interacting directly with 1500 youth through VC under Rising Youth Talk program here today. Paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi, an idol of integrity and renunciation, the priest of non-violence, on his martyrdom day, the Chief Minister said that his life would be a role model for the youth of the country. He said that youth need charioteer, companion and guru at every turn of life. Therefore, the youth should wear a guru who helps in difficult situations. He said that the youth should move forward in skilling and use their life for the benefit of others and learn to live for the country and society.

Priority to keep youth away from drug addiction

The Chief Minister said that a joint office of 8 states has been opened in Panchkula to rid the youth of drug addiction. Apart from this, Anti Narcotics Bureau has been constituted. He said that there is a need to run a social campaign on the lines of Beti Bachao Beti Badhao Abhiyan to make the youth aware and aware about the tendency of drugs. Apart from this, people should also come forward at the individual level. He said that CM windows are being operated to redress the problems of the people. About 10 lakh problems have come up in about 7 years, out of which 90 percent problems have been solved. Citizens are satisfied with the redressal of problems coming on CM windows.

Nation development is the main mantra

The Chief Minister said that the caste system is dangerous for the society. The government is working with the slogan ‘Haryana Ek Haryanvi One’. He said that in the 21st century, big goals will be set for the advancement of youth and political development. The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi’s motto – Nation first after all, is to make the country a Vishwa Guru, only then the country will progress. He said that the government has developed the areas without caste discrimination. To improve the social environment, emphasis has been laid on social, religious and cultured education. Apart from this, many more programs will be run to show the way to the people. Such programs will increase the confidence of the public and will also bring about social change.

Work in the spirit of Antyodaya

The Chief Minister said that with the spirit of Antyodaya, there is no mistake or fear by working with the goal in front. There should not be any feeling of evil in the mind and justice should be given to all equally. Along with the merit mission, the last person of the society should get the benefits of government schemes. For this, the Parivar Pehchan Patra scheme has been started. 54 schemes have been linked to this, in which data of 67 lakh families have been verified so far. Direct communication has been done with 90 thousand families by organizing Antyodaya Utthan Mela in the state. 75 percent reservation has been given to the youth for employment in private sectors. Bank loans up to Rs 1 crore are being provided under the Mudra Yojana. He said that it has been decided to give 5 percent additional marks to the families which do not have government jobs. In this way, the government is working on the principle of bread, cloth and house to every person – education, health and respect for all.

Formation of Foreign Service Cooperation

The Chief Minister said that a scheme for making passports has been implemented for the students pursuing education in colleges. The Department of Foreign Cooperation has been formed for sending abroad. MoUs will be signed with foreign countries so that the youth do not face difficulties. He said that a skill development university has also been set up in the state. It is working to make the youth skilled according to their ability and requirement.

Library installed at Chief Minister’s residence

The Chief Minister said that books are the capital of knowledge. Books bring change in personal and social life. A large library has also been set up at the Chief Minister’s residence to acquire knowledge. Thousands of books will be kept in it, which people have given them as gifts. Soon this library will be inaugurated by Padma Shri, literature and sportspersons

is of living index

The Chief Minister said that on the lines of Happiness Index of Bhutan country, how citizens should be happy in Haryana’s Ease of Living Index, their grading is being done. Ration has started getting from PPP at PDF shops. Apart from this, pension will automatically start for people who have completed 60 years of age. Programs like improvement of law and order, respect for women have been conducted. In this way, the government has done the work of increasing social rites for system change. This has made the life of common man simple and easy.

Sports department will register youth clubs

The Chief Minister said that the work of registration of Yuva Mandal Sports Clubs would be given to the Sports and Youth Affairs Department so that maximum participation of youth could be ensured. For this, a provision of normal fee was made. He said that in this way, when he interacts with the youth, energy gets infused in them too and he interacted with the youth for more than one and a half hours continuously

Lakhs of youth joined the Rising Youth Talk program including Chief Minister’s OSD Publicity Gajendra Phogat, IT Head Dhruv Majumdar, RJ Simran, Pawan Chaudhary from Foreign Cooperation Department, Director Youth Welfare Manish Jangra