Chandigarh – Need to imbibe the high ideals of Sant Ravidas in life – Chief Minister


Chief Minister Manohar Lal paid floral tributes to Sant Shiromani Guru Ravidas ji on his birth anniversary.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Manohar Lal said that Sant Ravidas dedicated his entire life to eradicate evils like untouchability and casteism. During his lifetime, he worked tirelessly to remove discrimination among people and has always taught to live in harmony and peace. His invaluable ideas are relevant even today in the society. We need to imbibe their ideas.

The Chief Minister said that Sant Ravidas worked to show the right path and guide the common people through songs and couplets. Even today people remember his songs and couplets, which attack the evils like casteism and untouchability. On this occasion, the Chief Minister called upon all the people of the society to take a firm determination to follow the high ideals of Sant Ravidas