Bhagwant Mann will be your Chief Minister in Punjab – Yogeshwar Sharma


Yogeshwar Sharma congratulated Bhagwant Mann on being declared the face of the Chief Minister

Said: Aam Aadmi Party government will be formed in Punjab under the leadership of Bhagwant Mann, Mann is a well known face of the state as well as honest and hardworking leader who keeps fighting for Punjabis

Panchkula, January 18. Aam Aadmi Party’s North Haryana Secretary Yogeshwar Sharma has congratulated MP Bhagwant Mann for being declared the party’s chief ministerial face in the Punjab Assembly elections. He said that apart from being a well-known face of the state, Mann is an honest and hardworking leader who keeps fighting for the cause of Punjabis. This is the reason that he has been the MP of his area for a long time and has won elections by defeating big capitalists.

In a statement issued here today, Yogeshwar Sharma said that online voting was conducted by the AAP leadership in the past, in which about 22 lakh people voted and 93 percent of them have voted for Bhagwant Mann as the Chief Minister. People are in awe of his hard work, honesty and friendly nature.

He said that this is the voice of the common man and public decision is supreme. In such a situation, no one can stop the formation of AAP’s government in Punjab under the leadership of Bhagwant Mann. He said that in many surveys you have been shown ahead of the rest of the parties, but you can not stop working hard after being happy with it. You volunteers from Haryana are also reaching Punjab to give their services.

He said that when there were assembly elections in Delhi, all the big faces of Punjab had gone there to campaign for their respective parties. Bhagwant Mann had also gone to do his duty on behalf of Punjab AAP, but the people of Delhi had given the most love to Bhagwant Mann and in those areas in Delhi where Mann had campaigned, the party not only got victory. Balik vote percentage also got more than before.

He said that now people in Punjab also like Bhagwant Mann and once under his leadership have made up their mind to give opportunity to Aam Aadmi Party, because people now want to write a new prayer of development in Punjab on the lines of Delhi and They have lost faith in the hollow claims of the old parties.

AAP leader Yogeshwar Sharma further said that lakhs of crores of rupees have been owed on the people of Punjab, but they are not getting the facilities. In such a situation, now all the hopes of the people are on the model prepared for Arvind Kejriwal’s Punjab, how he also provided facilities to the people in Delhi and did not impose any tax. People have faith in Arvind Kejriwal.